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Back in the good ol' WWF days (at the age of 13), I started teaching myself how to do 2D computer animation in "Macromedia Flash" (now called Adobe Flash). At first, it was just bouncing balls and dancing letters, but it quickly evolved into stick figures throwing each other around and fighting to the death...

... I know it sounds bad, and it might of had something to do with all that wrestling I was watching on TV, but it was all in good fun.

Anyway, I would upload my animations to a website called (Stick Figure Death Theater). A website full of young artists with a passion for animating stick figures beating the crap out of each other.

Every couple of weeks, the highest rated animations would get picked and displayed on the front page of SFDT. I considered that a real honor and even though you didn't really win anything, it made things a little more competitive and fun.

Recently, due to malware and hosting issues, SFDT had to be put down and I'm not sure when or if it ever will be back. I uploaded a lot of stuff to that website and its probably all lost forever...

... but there is one surviving short I did from that time and it just so happens to be my first animation to make the front page of SFDT! Its called "The Jungle" and I made it around the 10th grade.

Check it out here!